Colleen's Legacy

Our Story

Colleen Findlay was born and raised in Maple Ridge. She attended Webster’s Corner Elementary School and graduated from Garibaldi Secondary. She became the wife of Jim Findlay and the mother of three children, Ross, Shayne, and Shannon. Colleen fiercely believed in her Lord Jesus Christ, and serving in the community. Tragically, she lost her life in her home at the hands of 15-year-old Jeremy Vojkovic, in November 2002. This is the reason we have a passion for youth outreach and rehabilitation. We believe if someone had been available to Jeremy to support him and provide a positive influence, Colleen’s death may have been avoided. The Findlay Family operates the Colleen Findlay Foundation and Colleen Findlay Place in her memory, and to her honor, in the effort to assist the at-risk youth in our community.

The Foundation

The Colleen Findlay Foundation is a family operated non-profit organization rooted in faith and family. We strongly believe in community outreach, especially to the youth in our community. We seek to support organizations that invest in the welfare and rehabilitation of youth who come from unstable backgrounds or who have experienced abuse.